Who Is Rose Health For?

Rose makes sense for patients, providers and all those invested in improved healthcare.


The clinician portal enables top-notch patient care and practice monetization. Utilizing Rose creates a unique measure for depression, anxiety, trauma, and emotional well-being that providers can use to gauge how their patients are doing on a more timely basis.

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Health Systems

Rose understands the complex role mental health plays within Health Systems, from the influence on physical health to differing levels of care. The Rose solution can be used seamless as patients transition from one level of care to another (e.g., emergency room to inpatient to outpatient), satisfies feedback-informed care requirements, and collects key performance indicators.

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Health Plans

Mental health and wellbeing have been consistently linked to healthcare spending. Rose is a cost effective solution for expanding access to technology-driven, evidence-based mental health resources.

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Mental health and wellbeing are increasingly recognized as a primary driver of absenteeism and presenteeism. Rose offers an alternative or complementary solution to employer-based wellness programs.

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