Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rose? Is Rose Right for me?

  • The Rose App is a patient-facing application that allows patients to log their moods, journal, interact with their therapist and read relevant content suggested by Rose and assigned by their provider.
  • Using a provider-facing, web-based dashboard, Rose synthesizes the patient entered data into a summary chart for providers. Rose allows you to get key insights on your patients in between visits, allowing you to maximize the time spent in session. If you want to know more about Rose and how it may benefit you, please contact us at

How can Rose help me in my practice?

Rose allows you to connect with patients in-between visits. This time can be billed to insurance companies and may generate additional revenue for your practice.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for Rose by following this link: Sign Up for Rose. Once you enter your information, you will receive a welcome email with the steps to get started today! 

Can I try Rose for free before paying for a subscription?

Yes! We offer a 60-day free trial for new users. The trial period starts the day you sign up and allows access to the Rose Core platform. Rose Core allows you to connect with your patients in between sessions once they download the mobile app. Sign up for your trial by clicking here: Sign Up for Rose. Once you enter your information, you will receive a welcome email with the steps to get started today! 

I am affiliated with an institution and/or health care facility and I am interested in implementing the Rose Platform, who could I contact?

You can sign up for Rose by following this link: Sign Up for Rose. Once you enter your information, you will receive a welcome email with the steps to get started today! 

Can I speak to another clinician about their experience with Rose?

Yes. Please contact Mario Baugh at for more information

How does Rose help my patients?

Rose helps patients by providing a user-friendly platform to guide their mental health care journey. Rose encourages self-care techniques and reflection of their progress. Rose also strengthens the rapport between you and your patients because the more Rose learns about your patients, the better you will have an accurate clinical picture to provide a higher level of quality care.

Do I have to teach my patients how to use the Rose App or does Rose provide an overview to my patients?

Rose will guide new patient users on how to use the app and is designed to be intuitive and accessible.

How much does Rose cost to my patients?

Rose is free to patients. Providers can bill insurance for additional time spent monitoring patients remotely.

How is the privacy of my practice and my patients protected within Rose?

Rose is HIPAA-complaint both on the provider dashboard and patient app. All information is saved safely and securely in our AWS cloud services.

Is Rose covered by insurance?

Yes, all our services are covered by insurance. Please check with your regional insurer for state-specific reimbursements.

How does the reimbursement piece work with Rose?

All of Rose services are tied to specific CPT codes for which you can submit claims with the patient’s insurer.

How much does Rose cost me?

You can reach out to our Sales team via email, and ask for a quote directly based on your clinical needs.

Can I pause my subscription if I go on vacation?

Currently, we do not allow pauses in service.

What is Rose’s cancellation policy?

We require 30 days' notice for cancellations.

I would like to cancel my subscription. How do I proceed?

Please reach out to Mario Baugh, our Director of Client Success, at for more information.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, you can login and click on the ‘Settings’ tab. From ‘Settings’ you will be able to change your email address and password on the far right of the screen. Clicking ‘Change’ will apply the changes.

What is the turn-around time if I bring an issue to the Rose team?

We do our best to get back to you as soon as possible and you can expect to hear from us within 24 hours via phone or email.

I’d like to report a problem with the app and/or clinical dashboard. Who do I contact?

Please contact Rose for any assistance with the platform by emailing us at or calling (833) 400-7673. To directly reach out to our product team with feedback, submit your feedback response via this form.

Is the Rose Platform backed by research?

Rose conducted a Phase 1 clinical study in the Fall of 2019, in which 83% of patient participants completed their assessments and entries on time, with 100% of therapists reviewing the dashboard before each patient session. The highlights of the study can be found on our website's "Solutions > Providers" page.

When was Rose established and why?

Rose was established by Kavi Misri, co-founder and CEO, in 2018.

What do all the acronyms stand for (i.e. RPM)?

  • RPM stands for Remote Patient Monitoring
  • NLP stands for Natural Language Processing
  • INS stands for In-Session