How does Rose work?

Rose is a Behavioral Health Integration and patient monitoring solution that seamlessly helps health care providers stay connected with their patients and monitor their mental health on a regular basis.

Patient & clinician agree to start using Rose Health

Patients use the Rose App to track their mental health & receive curated resources

Providers message with patients or schedule appointments as needed

Clinic billing administrator submits claim for behavioral health integration or digital monitoring using reports from Rose portal

Patients are scheduled for remote or in-person sessions through portal as needed

Benefits to Providers


  • Direct your patients to the Rose App via text or email
  • Gain insight from daily monitoring and journaling


  • Review and monitor patient data collected from App
  • Schedule standardized clinical assessments (Depression, Mood Disorders, Sleep, Pain etc.)
  • Assess effectiveness of treatment plans at patient and population level
  • Real-time updates to stratify patients at risk or requiring intervention

Get reimbursed

  • Increase practice revenue through Behavioral Health Integration and digital monitoring CPT Codes
  • Monitor and manage treatment plans between visits
  • Deliver care remotely and extend care into rural areas
  • HIPAA-compliant collaborative care delivery platform

Patient satisfaction

  • In collaboration with Johns Hopkins thought leaders in mental health and mindfulness, augment the care you deliver through Rose.
  • Thoughtfully curated educational resources
  • Increase compliance with treatment plan
  • Improve outcomes in depression and anxiety symptoms