How does Rose work?

Rose is a mental health ecosystem with powerful backend analytics that supports mental health and well-being while also enabling health systems to collect the key data needed to improve care.

Patient & clinician agree to start using Rose Health

Patients use the Rose App to track their mental health & receive curated resources

Clinician or staff remotely monitor patient well-being through their portal

As patients transition throughout a health system, additional team members are added to the patient’s portal

Key performance indicators are provided back to the health system to allow internal analysis and improvements

Tour The Dashboard

View a daily snapshot of your patients’ well-being.

Patients have the opportunity to submit a daily journal entry to document how they are feeling. This will automatically come to your dashboard where you can open and view their entry to stay more connected to how they are doing on a daily basis.

Harness AI to track mood and anxiety.

This allows you to monitor your patients remotely and enables more effective treatment plants based on real-time updates.

See which patients are at risk at a glance.

For patients that are at risk you will see their name move into either the Yellow Alert or the Red Alert. If this happens you have the ability to reach out to them through the app, or even send for transportation if you believe they are in danger.

Benefits to Health Systems

Virtual mental health care teams

  • Seamless integration as patients transition from one part of a health system to another
  • Consistent treatment plans that evolve as needed
  • HIPAA-compliant collaborative care delivery platform

Key performance indicators

  • Health system performance as granular or big picture as desired
  • Population-based metrics to determine key areas of need or improvement
  • Objective output reports to show payors or regulators

Consistent resources

  • Adapt the Rose platform to deliver consistent mental health resources across a health system
  • Customize the content with a white labeled version of Rose
  • Curated, quality self-help content delivered to patients on a daily basis

The right care at the right time

  • Rose metrics enable early detection of mood or anxiety symptoms allowing immediate intervention
  • Levels of care can be increased or decreased as mental health data is examined
  • Save time and devote resources to those at the highest need

Benefits for Patients

A new level of connection and care

Patients benefits from virtual and real-time connection between themselves and their provider.

Gain resources and knowledge

Patients get the benefit of curated educational self-help resources and tips to support their progress.

Measure and track progress

Patients can track progress with a mood monitoring dashboard​ based on daily check-ins, and document notes and topics for their next appointment.

Improvement in well-being

Studies demonstrate significant improvement in mood and anxiety when patients engage in self-care between appointments.

Evidence-Based Results

IRB Study by Johns Hopkins' Experts

Rose has been clinically proven to improve patient outcomes. In a Johns Hopkins IRB study, participants saw improvement within 5 weeks of use.

of participants used the Rose app every single day during the 5-week study
of participants completed all PHQ-9 and GAD-7 in-app scales
improved their depression scores - from severe to moderate or mild depression
Case Study

See how a multi-specialty primary care group in Florida integrated Rose with impressive results.

A care group specializing in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, and Family Medicine turned to Rose in response to an increasing number of patients presenting with mental health concerns. Rose provided a simple and out-of-the-box solution to address this need by remotely monitoring patients' mental health.

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