How does Rose work?

Rose is a mental health ecosystem with powerful backend analytics that supports mental health and well-being while also enabling health systems to collect the key data needed to improve care.

Patient & clinician agree to start using Rose Health

Patients use the Rose App to track their mental health & receive curated resources

Clinician or staff remotely monitor patient well-being through their portal

As patients transition throughout a health system, additional team members are added to the patient’s portal

Key performance indicators are provided back to the health system to allow internal analysis and improvements

Benefits to Health Systems

Virtual mental health care teams

  • Seamless integration as patients transition from one part of a health system to another
  • Consistent treatment plans that evolve as needed
  • HIPAA-compliant collaborative care delivery platform

Key performance indicators

  • Health system performance as granular or big picture as desired
  • Population-based metrics to determine key areas of need or improvement
  • Objective output reports to show payors or regulators

Consistent resources

  • Adapt the Rose platform to deliver consistent mental health resources across a health system
  • Customize the content with a white labeled version of Rose
  • Curated, quality self-help content delivered to patients on a daily basis

The right care at the right time

  • Rose metrics enable early detection of mood or anxiety symptoms allowing immediate intervention
  • Levels of care can be increased or decreased as mental health data is examined
  • Save time and devote resources to those at the highest need