Our Story

We’re founded on personal experience.

Hi, my name is Kavi Misri and I am the Founder and CEO of Rose. I spent seven years working as a health care investment banker and as a merger and acquisition, corporate-development professional. After 80–100 hours each week, I finally burned out. It was then I realized how many friends experienced similar struggles.

I accessed mental health services for the first time, and the inefficiencies in finding care and the low quality of the care itself blew me away. I decided to do something about it. I’m bringing insights as an entrepreneur, an investor, and  most importantly - as a patient, to transform the way mental health care is delivered.

Our Mission

We believe that mental well-being requires patients and providers to be able to communicate and understand each other.

Rose was founded on this principle. Today, Rose is actively developing an ecosystem to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of making safe and reliable mental health care accessible to all.

We challenge the status quo in everything we do.

By thinking differently about the way mental health care is delivered, we have built a user-friendly product that is beautifully designed, simple to use and improves mental health outcomes.

Pain Points In Mental Health Address By Rose


60% of adults with mental illnesses don’t receive the services they need. Rose addresses this need via existing primary care providers while leveraging unique technology.


80% of patients discontinue therapy due to poor fit with therapists. With Rose, help comes through the trusted and established relationships between patients and providers.


47% of adults who need mental health treatment do not receive it due to cost. With Rose, providers can offer these benefits at no extra cost to patients through reimbursement.

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