How does Rose work?

Rose is a mental health ecosystem with powerful backend analytics that supports mental health and well-being while also enabling health systems to collect the key data needed to improve care.

Health plan integrates use of the Rose platform into its reimbursement structure

Clinicians identify patients that would benefit from Rose Health

Patients use the Rose App to track their mental health & receive self-help resources

Clinicians remotely monitor patient well-being through their portal

Clinicians intervene on impending mental health decompensations based on the Rose alert system preventing costly healthcare utilization

Benefits to Health Plans

Early detection and intervention

Mental health can change day-to-day. Rose tracks mental health in real-time alerting the provider of any signs of decompensation allowing early detection and intervention.

Cost savings

By augmenting in-person care, Rose is a low-cost solution for remote patient monitoring allowing high quality care without high cost. With Rose, healthcare is more efficient and effective driving down expenditures.


Driven by technology, Rose can be scaled quickly while ensuring high quality of care. The Rose team provides hands on training as needed to allow successful integration.

Quality metrics

Rose collects key performance indicators automatically just by the patients and providers using the application. This data can be accessible at a high scale and used for reimbursement rates, as well as in a value-based care market.